Best for… No Min Min. 3 Seats Min. 3 Seats Min. 5 Seats
Support from the Viewpath team Free $5/mo $15/mo $25/mo $35/mo
Self-service Help Center & Community Starter Edition has access to online support tools, such as the Help Center and Community, as well as email technical support. Team, Professional and Enterprise Editions also have access to phone  support and are given priority.
Social Media Contact us via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
Email Support Collaborator Edition has access to online support tools, such as the Help Center and Community, as well as email to technical support. Starter, Team, Professional and Enterprise Editions also have access to phone support and are given priority. 8×5 12×5 12×7
Phone Support Collaborator Edition has access to online support tools, such as the Help Center and Community, as well as email to technical support. Starter, Team, Professional and Enterprise Editions also have access to phone support and are given priority. 12×5 12×7
Launch Guidance Program (first 60 days) Start off your Enterprise plan experience with help from our customer success team who will guide you through Viewpath best practices.
Priority Support (SLA & SLO) Receive a one hour Service Level Objective from our global support team and 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement.
Success Services Work with our success team experts on a custom engagement, including programs to help adoption of Viewpath, optimization of templates and on-site training.
Knowledge Base Self help articles and videos can answer many questions
Community forums Contribute to or start a community discussion to gather feedback and ideas, and help customers help one another.
30-day Free Trial Give visibility to your Viewpath project data inside Salesforce.
Installation from the AppExchange
Task data is native to Salesforce Workflows and automations can be used on your Viewpath task and project data.
Pull Viewpath project data into your Salesforce Reports Bring your Viewpath task data into existing reports, or create new ones.
Quick and Easy User Interface Manage activities with time-saving features such as inline editing, drag/drop column reordering, field sorting, copy and paste,and right-click menus to add or remove columns.
Projects and Tasks with Multiple Dependencies Apply task dependencies and choose from different types of linking relationships such as Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, and Finish-to-Finish. No projects 3 Projects 15 Projects Unlimited Unlimited
Task Sharing Share tasks from a project with an unlimited number of collaborators. Free collaborators can easily update the status of their assigned tasks on their secure “Home” page.
Calendars Standard and custom calendars allow you track events and holidays which impact availability.
Set Individual Permissions on a Per Project Basis Grant secure access rights for members to View or Edit a project, or simply assign tasks without project visibility.
Project Templates Save time when creating new projects with pre-defined templates. Templates can include both task and resource data.
Multi-Project Portfolio Management Create a high-level dashboard with important milestones.
Documents and Discussion Threads Upload documents from your computer on a paid edition to any task row.
Unlimited Collaborative Resources Invite any number of free Collaborators to participate in projects. Collaborators cannot view the entire project, but can update assigned tasks on their Home page.
Email Notifications Automatic daily notifications keep your resources up to date on task assignments, comments and more.
Dashboards Get an instant snapshot of your Viewpath projects with a Timeline dashboard that displays high level project data, including Start/Finish, %Complete and Milestones.
Interactive Resource Allocation Charts Optimize daily work plans with visibility to your resources and their conflicts.
Cross-Project Resource Allocation Quickly view availability of assigned resources acress multiple projects.
Date Constraints Set constraints (e.g. Must Start On, Must Finish On, etc.) on any tasks.
PDF Printing Create an Acrobat Reader (PDF) output of projects and reports.
Baseline Capture planned v. actual data on each task and summary roll-up level.
Publish a Snapshot Generate a unique URL for your project which you can publish to a website or send out as a link to people to whom you want to give visibility. You can also use Snapshots to create a project history to show changes over time. The page is interactive, but not editable, and allows them to zoom on the Gantt, sort columns and add a modified list of columns. Manual Auto & Manual
Versioning Revert your project to a previously captured state. Automatic Snapshots are created every 24 hours.
Personal Cross-Project To-Do List Let each resource organize and prioritize daily tasks on their secure My Tasks page.
Gantt Charts with Drag-and-Drop Scheduling Build comprehensive Gantt Charts with feature options such as milestones, duration buffers, and color-coded status indicators.
Fast Undo or Redo Functionality Make worry-free edits with multi-step Undo/Redo options.
Keyboard Commands Keyboard commands allow users to quickly access functionality.
Custom Views Customize your project views to your preferences, without affecting anyone else’s view of the project.
Personal Projects Create personal projects which do not belong to any organization.
Notifications Notifications are automatic emails which are sent when changes are made to a task. Notification rules give you the ability to specify the conditions under which an email is triggered to alert recipient(s).
Overview Timeline dashboard Get a quick view summary of your projects on a timeline view, including high level milestones
Customizable Searches Search across multiple projects with any combination of user-defined selection criteria (filters).
Group Views Create Project tags to group your projects into buckets.
Status Provides a graphical display (using red, yellow, green, black and white) if the project is behind schedule, needs attention, is on time, completed or not yet started.
Summary Graphical reporting within each project, as well as a spot to capture project information not task-specific.
SSL encryption SSL encryption for users and customers connecting to your Viewpath.
Project access restriction Only allow access to those members you grant project visibility to. This can change from project-to-project depending on the member’s visibility needs.
Custom roles and permissions Specify granular permissions for resources, and control what they have access to in Viewpath.