Used by Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, Viewpath is the project management app of choice for teams needing an efficient, powerful, and mobile-optimized solution that integrates with Salesforce, ServiceMax, G Suite and Microsoft Office.

Seamless Salesforce integration

Viewpath is one of the top-rated resource management applications within Salesforce AppExchange. It enables users to view and edit projects on Accounts, Opportunities and Custom Objects.

Viewpath and Salesforce integration
Viewpath is a certified Servicemax partner

Certified ServiceMax partner

Viewpath is a certified partner. Our project integrates directly into the Work Order object for seamless visibility.

Sharing the Salesforce Platform with ServiceMax allows us to configure and customize automation and workflows to fit our customers’ needs.

Easily import projects from Microsoft Project

Looking for a simpler project management application? Viewpath offers all the power you need, without the complicated extras. And switching is easy!

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Easily import projects from Microsoft Project
Full integration with G Suite

Full integration with G SuiteClick here to request a short demonstration

Available now!

Viewpath is built on the Google Cloud Application Platform and will soon offer seamless integration with G Suite applications, no matter how big or small your project.

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Drive

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Continue to use the Microsoft products like Outlook, One Drive and more with seamless integration in Viewpath

  • Outlook
  • SharePoint
  • Project
Work in Microsoft Office

Coming in 2019

Watch this space for the following APIs and integrations:

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