The Perlan Project uses Viewpath to manage space glider build

An ambitious project requires careful planning

The Perlan Project is on a mission: to reach the edge of space and study how giant stratospheric mountain waves impact our planet’s weather. Phase 2 of this mission requires a glider wing aircraft that can reach an altitude of 90,000 feet.

The team needed a robust, accessible project management platform to get this idea off the ground. Designing and building the glider will involve many tasks, multiple dependencies and complex timelines.

A remote team requires seamless collaboration

The project team is 100% remote, so it requires project management tools that can be easily accessed by anyone, no matter where they’re based.

A complex process requires intuitive software

Before switching to Viewpath in June 2010, the team used the feature-packed, but cumbersome, MS Project.

A lot of time was spent figuring out who had the latest version, and exactly what the most current version was. This made it difficult for the team to provide appropriate updates and feedback.

The Perlan Project needed a more intuitive tool that would enable the entire team to keep track of status across the project’s complex timeline.

Viewpath enhances communication and efficiency

Using Viewpath, team members around the world are able to see and update projects in real time.

The team started with a single project, inviting the team to participate, and using Viewpath in their weekly meetings.

They saw an immediate improvement and everyone – including the project manager, chief pilot and third-party vendors – appreciated easy access to project details.

Increased visibility leads to greater productivity

Increased project visibility enables the team to identify potential delays and budget overruns. This enables them to be pro-active and gives them greater control.


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