Have you heard of the Perlan Project? It’s a cutting-edge aeronautical exploration and atmospheric research organization that uses gliders to fly at extremely high altitudes – in space.  With the Airbus Perlan Mission II just reaching the point of descent from its recent flight we remember the original Airbus Perlan Mission.

In 2006, the pilots of Perlan Mission I broke the altitude record by reaching a height of 50,671 feet in a standard glider, using stratospheric waves of air. And in 2017, the team set a new world record by reaching 52,172 feet in the Airbus Perlan Mission II.

We’re proud to say that Viewpath played an essential role in this exciting mission.

The mission was to create a glider that could reach the edge of space to allow scientists to study the impact of giant stratospheric mountain waves on our planet’s weather.

Of course, designing and building glider wing aircraft is a complicated job with multiple dependencies and complex timelines.

The team had been using Microsoft Project to manage the job but found, though it had many great features, it was too cumbersome to manage efficiently. They struggled to keep track of the latest version of the project plan, and the 100% remote, international team couldn’t collaborate easily. All of this made reporting on budgets and delivery dates very difficult.

In 2010, The Perlan Project adopted the Viewpath project management tool. They started with just one project but were soon using Viewpath in weekly project status meetings. The team saw an immediate improvement and enjoyed the fact that project managers, pilots, vendors, and anyone else who required it, had easy, real-time access to project details – no matter where they’re based.  Viewpath provides import capability to easily transition all of your projects and data from Microsoft Project or another project management tool.

The increased visibility that Viewpath provides has streamlined the entire project management process and enables managers to quickly spot elements that are taking longer or costing more than estimated.

The result is a faster, more efficient and effective process that is accessible to everyone.

Ready to aim for the stars?

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