“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.” – Shep HykenWe have two goals in writing this post about loyalty:1. We want to thank our loyal clients for continuing to work with us.2. To explain one feature being released in the new Viewpath 4.0 platform and whyDecision making has changed

All clients are valuable to any business. This is not new information and certainly not revolutionary by any stretch. It is important that clients are so happy with your product and your service that they want to keep doing business with you and that decision is easy for them.  For us at Viewpath, it is very important that our clients are continually satisfied and genuinely happy with their experience using our project management tools.

Today, since the internet has made businesses and products much easier to find, consumers are able to make much more informed decisions when they make a purchase.  To illustrate how much easier it is to find the best place to do business, think about buying a car.  Years ago, you needed to drive from lot to lot to look at what vehicles each car dealership had available. Now with a quick search, consumers can find the best dealership(s) that actually have the exact vehicle(s) in stock that they want to purchase.  Project management is important, there is no question about this, and consumers look diligently before choosing the best software to manage their projects.  Once clients have selected Viewpath, we want to do everything we can to keep them as a client and to continue providing a simple solution to make their jobs easier. Some businesses take their current clients for granted. Your business should be doing everything in its power to keep clients happy and satisfied with the solution they purchased from you as well.


Companies focus on loyalty programs to keep the clients they have earned and these programs are becoming more and more popular.  At Viewpath, we absolutely have and believe in loyalty programs for our clients.  We want our clients to receive financial benefits for being our loyal clients.  Email drip campaigns allow companies to constantly stay in touch with clients notifying them about upcoming functionality, news, and other financial incentives. In addition to using loyalty programs to thank our clients we also believe strongly in listening to our clients.  Before your eyes roll at the obvious nature of that statement, hear us out.  Every time we speak to a current or past client, we make notes of product functionality that our clients explain are important to them and their business and we add them to our list of upcoming functionality.  As a team, we discuss and evaluate these suggestions on a weekly basis and prioritize them accordingly. Clients are thrilled to see features released that have come from their suggestions.  When clients see these features added to Viewpath, they appreciate being heard and they recognize the involvement they personally have with our product. In explaining our opinion on client loyalty, we recognize that not all functionality makes sense to add but it is rare that our clients want something added that is not also going to benefit most other project management teams we work with. Client feedback always has themes that reoccur from client to client and paying attention to these is so important to continue the relationship.


One of our values is community.  We define community here at Viewpath as working together and supporting each other in order to move towards a common goal.  This value also extends to our clients.  We mention this because Viewpath is releasing new and enhanced functionality in the upcoming release of our new 4.0. We have had many clients tell us how ecstatic they are about the upcoming feature set that Viewpath is rolling out.  These clients are currently using our 3.0 platform and are eagerly awaiting being able to move to the new 4.0 Viewpath. We just want to pause and say thank you to the clients in our community because many have been very excited that they will be able to import their existing and archived project data from our 3.0 platform to the new Viewpath 4.0 platform.


Data importing into Viewpath project management tools

With the ability to take project data from into the new platform, clients can seamlessly begin using the enhanced toolset within Viewpath without losing the data from their past and current project data. This functionality that allows us to be able to import data from one Viewpath platform to another also enables users to be able to import data from other tools like Microsoft Project, Smartsheet, and a variety of other tools. In addition, all of the people are still using Excel spreadsheets to track projects and manage the details can use this feature as well to get a jump start on improving their project management processes.  Project and program managers are thrilled to learn that excel sheets can be easily imported into the Viewpath platform because it makes it easy to transition to the new tool. Converting to Viewpath‘s project management tools has never been easier.


It’s very important to us that our client’s job is made easier by our software and we don’t want them to have to waste time trying to import project data taking away from the projects they currently have in progress. Our goal is to eliminate the chaos that comes with project management. Our clients have expressed that we have indeed eliminated chaos for them, we would love to find out if the same could be true for you.

Thank you once again to our Viewpath clients!

Key takeaways

  1. Thank you to our Viewpath clients for continuing to being loyal to us over the years
  2. Companies need to listen to their client base and add features and functionality that will most benefit them.

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About the author

Dennis has been working in Sales and Marketing for 19 years across many industries.  Dennis has expertise in growing Sales and Marketing efforts to build or revive unknown companies.  Currently, Dennis is heading up all Sales and Marketing efforts for Viewpath, an online project management software. You can contact Dennis here for any questions or additional information.